• IIAS - Who We Are and What We Do

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Addressing the Many Challenges Facing the Global Society

Following its fundamental philosophy of “conducting research for the future and Happiness of mankind,” IIAS undertakes fundamental research into various problems such as how to address the issues facing the global society.

Collaborating Across National, Organizational and Sectoral Boundaries

Since its founding, IIAS has been actively engaged in various research projects aimed at creating a sustainable society. For each project, researchers from different countries, institutions and disciplines come together to hold deep discussions in a voluntary manner and in a free and open atmosphere.

Research Activities

Network and Interchange

IIAS offers a range of interchange programs that bring together leading-edge wisdom from around the world, facilitate in-depth discussions and share the fruit of these work and other intellectual resources with the society at large.
We focus on projects whose results can be shared and utilized in society through the industry-government-academia network, as well as those that can serve the social needs and requirements.

Network and Interchange
International Institute for Advanced Studies
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