IIAS Research Conference

The IIAS Research Conference is a forum where leading researchers participate from all over the world to discuss themes selected from among cutting-edge academic fields or research subjects or projects conducted at the IIAS, thereby offering the excellent opportunities to discuss their research results and to get some insight into their perspectives. Thus, the IIAS aims to show researchers and academe the possibility of developing new realms in science and the problems which are important for the future of scientific research of our country.
Compared with conventional international meetings in which some famous scientists or scholars often present some established concepts and/or previously publicized research results, the IIAS Research Conference is expected to be unique in Japan for its devotion to discussion and encouragement of presentation with new concepts and results. In principal, the conference will be similar to symposia and meetings such as those held at Gordon Research Conferences, Keystone Symposia, Janelia Farm and Cold Spring Harbor Laboratory.
In addition to the invited speakers, the IIAS calls for poster presenters and discussants mostly through the internet. We hope to provide young researchers and students from many universities and research institutes with the very good opportunity to interact personally with world-leading scientists.

IIAS Lecture

The IIAS Lecture is mainly directed toward students, young researchers and the general public. Several world-leading scientists selected from the invited speakers for the IIAS Research Conference give talks on their specific research topics, not only conveying their expertise to participants but also giving some insights into scientific research, as their talks often refer to their attitudes and enthusiasm towards their own research activities.

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