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Network and

Gather, Connect and Expand
the Leading-edge Wisdom

IIAS offers a range of interchange programs that bring together leading-edge wisdom from around the world, facilitate in-depth discussions and share the fruit of these work and other intellectual resources with the society at large.
We focus on projects whose results can be shared and utilized in society through the industry-government-academia network, as well as those that can serve the social needs and requirements.

We have been doing this through “Keihanna Philosophy Café ‘Goethe no Kai’,” a platform for people who work at organizations located in or related to the Keihanna Science City to meet and discuss topics such as the desirable shape and function of the Keihanna Science City, freely and from an independent perspective. Our more target-specific projects include the “IIAS Academic Camp: Junior Seminar” aimed at developing future leaders and the “Edison no Kai,” a group focusing on open innovation.
We will work together with businesses, organizations, universities, local governments and residents in and around Keihanna on these and other activities in order to continue serving our role as the intellectual hub and the core facility of the Keihanna Science City.