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Core Program

Advisory Panel on the Future of Keihannna

Research Representative: Hiroshi MATSUMOTO
Vice Director, International Institute for Advanced Studies
President, RIKEN. Professor emeritus and former-President, Kyoto University

The International Institute for Advanced Studies (IIAS) was established to serve as the “core institute and an intellectual hub” for the Keihanna Science City. Keihanna is the brainchild of Kansai Academic Research City Surveillance Conversazione (Okuda Conversazione) set up in 1978, whose members were greatly inspired by the messages of the Club of Rome’s 1972 report The Limits of Growth. The book called for the need to create what we call today a “sustainable society.” Global challenges—global warming, resource depletion, population growth, environmental destruction, among others—have grown increasingly acute in the 30 years since Keihanna’s opening, and the next three decades will likely bring even more challenges to the surface. Against this backdrop, the IIAS, driven by its founding mission to “conduct research for the future and happiness of mankind,” has brought together wisdom and insight under the “Advisory Panel on the Future of Keihanna” (set up in FY2015 as one of the Institute’s Key Projects) to develop the “30 Year Concept for the Keihanna Science City.” The panel comprises individuals appointed from industry, academia and government sectors who are best suited to discuss the future of Keihanna with a long term view. Taking advantage of the two faces of Keihanna—a science city and a cultural city—the panel will draw on expertise from across genres, examine the path leading from science and technology to industrial application, explore the desirable shape and role of the City and how its citizens can live happily, and combine backcasting and forecasting approaches to develop recommendations towards molding Keihanna into a model science city in the next 30 years.

Advisory CommitteeAs of Jan 15, 2018

Hiroshi MATSUMOTO Vice Director, International Institute for Advanced Studies
President, RIKEN. Professor emeritus and former-President, Kyoto University
Shogo ARAI Governor, Nara Prefecture
Yasuo Hirata President, Advanced Telecommunications Research Institute International (ATR)
Takanori Ida Professor, Kyoto University
Yasuo KASHIHARA Director and Executive adviser, The Bank of Kyoto, Ltd.
Chairman, Kansai Research Institute
Shinichi OTAKE Counselor to the President,
Nippon Telegraph and Telephone West Corporation
Akimasa YAMASHITA Vice Governor, Kyoto Prefecture

Expert Working GroupAs of Jan 15, 2018

Shigeru TAKAMI Professor, Kyoto University
Makoto ASANO Chief, Industrial Technology and Application Research Department,
Nara Prefecture Institute of Industrial Development
Sakae FUJIOKA Director, Kansai Science City Promotion Division Department of Commerce,
Labor and Tourism Kyoto Prefectural Government
Kazuya IKEDA Manager, Planning and Co-ordination Office, Planning Policy Department,Kyotanabe City
Hirokazu KATO Associate Professor, Nagoya University
Morikazu KITADA Director, City Planning Division, Ikoma City
Hiroshi KOYAMA Associate Director ,General Policy Department, Nara City
Eisaku MAEDA Director, NTT Communication Science Laboratories
Takashi MURATA Director General, Regional Development Department, Nara Prefecture
Yoshimasa NAKAMURA Professor, Kyoto University
Takatoshi NARADATE Executive Research Director, Kyoto Research Institute Inc.
Shinji OHARA Chief, Planning and Coordinating Division, Department of General Affair, Seika Town Office
Motonori Ozaki Deputy General Manager, City Branding Department, Kizugawa City
Toshikazu SAKANO Director, Business Development Office,
Advanced Telecommunications Research Institute International (ATR)
Kenzo TAKAHASHI Chairman of the board & Chief executive officer, Suntory Global Innovation Center Limited