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Collaborating Across National, Organizational and Sectoral Boundaries

Since its founding, IIAS has been actively engaged in various research projects aimed at creating a sustainable society. For each project, researchers from different countries, institutions and disciplines come together to hold deep discussions in a voluntary manner and in a free and open atmosphere.

Core Programs


Preliminary exploration of ways to "research what to research "
-Meta-analysis and design of academic knowledge-

Research Representative: Tateo ARIMOTO
Chief Research Fellow, IIAS
Professor, National Graduate Institute for Policy Studies
Senior Fellow, Japan Science and Technology Agency



Why is the waviness of "decarbonization" now?

Research Representative: Takamitsu SAWA
Chief Research Fellow, International Institute for Advanced Studies
Professor emeritus, Kyoto University



Attempt to promote Keihanna Science City urban area
-Through improving health literacy- (Phase 2)

Research Representative:
Chief Research Fellow, International Institute for Advanced Studies
Kyoto Koka Women’s University, President
Specially Appointed Professor, C-PiER, Kyoto University

Past Research Projects